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February 28, 2011
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PRAGMATIC _Final Release by kevin-utkarsh PRAGMATIC _Final Release by kevin-utkarsh
Here is my Rainmeter Skin, PRAGMATIC (NOW LAUNCHED) which i did for my desktop.I liked it so i thought why not to share with all my friends so here it is now available for download and use.Well thanks to rainmeter, now my desktop looks like the way i wanted it to.Well i am not providing with any complex skin, but these are simple, user friendly and easy to use skins.Hope you will like it.Here goes the description

All the work in the skin is by me and is no copy.Please dont steal my work.

Comments, suggestion and favs are most welcomed. :-


Configuration :

Helping hand for you to launch and set variables(weather code and paths) in PRAGMATIC skin.

o Clicking on the PRAGMATIC on the configuration shows you the preview and help file.

o Clicking on the Utkarsh shows my deviantart profile.

o Launch sidebar: clicking on the names launches the respective skin.

o You can change the WEATHER CODE and path name by clicking and then pressing the enter button to set the variable.

o Player: select the player and then launch the player in launch sidebar to play the respective player.

o Preview pane: It shows you the preview of the respective skin.

o Clicking on the picture on the preview pane gives you an idea how to arrange PRAGMATIC skin to get its best.

QuickLaunch n Notes :


o User Document
o Pictures
o Music
o Games
o Videos


o After expanding you can find two notes and your identity.

Time n Search :

Time -

o Shows time(digital) with second and AM/PM
o Day, date and month

Search -

o Google search
o Facebook search
o Youtube search

Weather :

Weather -

o Shows current weather, local time and place.
o Clicking on details will expand and you can find:- Humidity, Feels like, Precipitation, Visibility, Wind, Pressure, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Phase.
o Tomorrow's and day after tomorrow's weather.

Slideshow :

o Simple and effective slideshow with fatser picture changing.
o Clicking on the picture opens it.
o Clicking on the wallpaper at the side of the slideshow sets the current picture as wallpaper.

Player :

iTunes player -

o Fully animated and interactive iTunes player for you.
o Opens the iTunes, clicking the play button.
o Animated speakers and equalizers.
o Full details of the song.
o Volume control.

Winamp player -

o Animated and interactive winamp player.
o Opens Winamp, clicking the play button.
o Animated speakers and equalizers.

Start n Power options :

Start -

o Animated background color changing.
o Animated windows flag on hovering.

Power Buttons -

o Shutdown
o StandBy
o Restart

Proud Taskbar :

Collapsed -

o All in one taskbar.
o Quicklaunch for my computer, explorer, recycle Bin and Internet explorer.
o Time and date
o UserName, Operating system, CPU, RAM, SWAP, Speed, Downloading and uploading speed and battery(clicking opens up power options)
o Simple player for iTunes.

Expanding -

o Hard disks(five harddisks)
o Folder(quick launch for all commonly used folders)
o Websites(quick launch for all commonly used websites)
o Control panel(quick launch for all commonly used Control panel applications)
o Applications(quick launch for all commonly used application files)
o MS Office(quick launch for word, excel, powerpoint, one note etc)

Sound n calendar :

Sound -

o Cilcking flips for mute and unmute windows volume control.
o Hovering shows volume control.

Calendar -

o Shows the calendar clicking on the calendar icon.


I am new in Rainmeter Skinning.Please do give your opinions and suggestions how can I improve.


Ambar Utkarsh

Credit :

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d2ta91 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
very nice :)
IcemanSR Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
Size of fonts are just waaay to small for my 2048x1152 screen..
can't read nothing from weather either..its overlapping and too small..everything is like that..
bestcaicai Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
i like the desktop which is simple and easy to use. beautiful , thanks!
lusli90 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
<font><font>Wooow excelente Piel..! </font></font>
drkcloudz Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
i search around i realize you guys have media player skin for wmp, but the one with this theme pack with the animated speaker do you guys have one for wmp?
drkcloudz Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
hey can the player be used with wmp?
harryumefor Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
how to download it
canpost Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Thanks :))
Yk-Ok Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Hi, I downloaded this skin because I really like it, but it's not showing up on my Rainmeter skins, so I can't use it.. Help!
daungz Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
i realy like the proud taskbar.. very useful!!
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